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To have fears is human; it is as simple as that. You can’t go through life without the
feeling of fear. So what is it like to overcome fear; what does it feel like? There has been a great
deal of research devoted to the sensation of fear and how to overcome it. A popular textbook,
devoted entirely to the subject, is The Psychology of Fear and Stress by J. Grey. In this textbook
Grey talks a great deal about commonly held beliefs with regards to fear (Grey, 1987). The book
talks not only about common beliefs about fear but common misconceptions. One misconception
is that to conquer your fear you must face it. While this is somewhat true, it certainly isn’t the
whole truth. The truth is, you have to build yourself up to face a fear and the process needs to be
well constructed and guided. If you are scared of something and you are overwhelmed by it, you
will continue to be scared of it and in fact your fear will probably build. Thus, an important
component of overcoming fear is to have gradual exposure to it.