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James long
November 22, 2016 · Public

I think this may be the firs text I write on thenewboston site and no any other people will read . So, I just write follow my heart. From the Internet ,
I find what I am small and weak, too much things to learn and too many big bull around us. Every one just have those days ,so how can we use the limited hours to do something that worth? What you love and what you really eager to do ? Just do it with all your energy and time. Don't spent too much time on those meaningless .And we came to the world without anything, we must leaving something that meaningful and helpful. i love programing ,so why not do better and do perfect .Someone create computer,someone create programing languagte ,they can do that why you cant ! So, spend years learning how to programing and it will give back sooner or later. Just do it and find problems and try to solve it with your knowledge and experience.One thing I think is very important, just learn to share with your friends and partner .So make a aim for yourself first now and spend energy and time to acheive it .And give yourself a little present till you finish it .
Hope you have a good future boy .

- -to little boy

James long
November 11, 2016 · Public

Java Gaming