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Tatrasiel R  >>  Abdullah Nauman
August 30, 2017 · Public

I am surprised you're still on here.

Tatrasiel R  >>  Melissa Ries
April 27, 2017 · Public

Where is the site that everyone ran to?

Tatrasiel R  >>  Bucky Roberts
March 15, 2017 · Public

A part of me wants to take this site over. It is clearly not being maintained.

Are there going to be updates to this site ?

Tatrasiel R
February 7, 2017 · Public

Malware pickup lines :

Bad malware pickup line... Hey girl, I'm on the breakup rebound, you're always welcome to exploit my use-after-free vulnerability )))))

Bad malware pickup line. Hey girl , can I have your process handle so I can WriteProcessMemory and CreateRemoteThread my love?

I must need to update bash, because you have me shellshocked

I hope you sanitized your inputs, because I'm trying to inject into your database

If you ever feel insecure, you can call me for a penetration test

Bad malware pickup lines: Hey girl, you must be an expert in OpenSSL because you're making my Heartbleed ;

Tatrasiel R
January 16, 2017 · Public

Well, I was going to come on here to call this site "Ask Bucky for help" and much to my surprise, Bucky and Melissa have posted stuff....

Well, can I say welcome back?