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Tatrasiel R
January 16, 2017 · Public

Well, I was going to come on here to call this site "Ask Bucky for help" and much to my surprise, Bucky and Melissa have posted stuff....

Well, can I say welcome back?

Tatrasiel R  >>  Bucky Roberts
November 7, 2016 · Public

Is there still active development on this site? It seems like things have really died. I think it would be good to have some elements from vk.com here.

Tatrasiel R
October 24, 2016 · Public

Tatrasiel R
October 24, 2016 · Public

Hey has anyone used android studio for emulating android OS? I am wanting to do some exploit research and I am needing a test environment. Am I going up the right route?

Tatrasiel R
September 30, 2016 · Public

I wish this site would look at vk.com and take ideas from that. This site could really take off from this.