Is it good to make my project open source?

Hello friends and especially Bucky,

I have made a website in php. It is a URL Shortner website. But it is not the simple URL Shortner website, but it has some unique features that monitors user's activity. I mean it was built to help publisher and advertisers so I put some features that monitors unique visits and all. I am not getting lots of users of this website but I got one more thing in my mind. I want to ask you all that is it good idea to make it open source? I mean when I wrote codes of this website, I didn't write it like a real pro but the site is professional. You can check this website out at

I want to make it open source to make my name as a web programmer (and believe me I am not a really good web programmer yet), I want to make this URL shortning scripts open source so anyone can use it for their personal use and I want to make it a better platform for publisher and advertisers. As CMS gone crazy these days, I want to make URL Shortning System ("URLSS") so one day, it may go crazy and Viral on the internet. And about my name, so yes my name is "Viral" you can look it up on me at twitter, fb, google+ etc. I do have my portfolio website too. I know I sound stupid about my URLSS project but stupidity is fun. So what you suggest guys? Should I put it on Git and make it opensource? Lets make a script together for awesome use.

{And the reason that I am not editing this web app for now is that I am the only one working on it and I am also a full time student and all above that I am not pro web programmer. So I can't build the platform that I am talking about. I will need help to write codes and algorithm to make it more efficient and scalable.}

Give me your suggestions here or email me at" target="_blank">

Crazy programmer,
Viral Joshi´╗┐