The film presents an exploration of a nearly invisible fresh water algae with scientific name Spirulina Arthrospira Platensis. But what exactly is the blue-green algae called Spirulina ? It is the first photosynthetic life form was designed by nature 3.6 billion years ago. It is the life form that consuming, for billions of years, carbon dioxide releasing oxygen, transforming an inhospitable planet into our beautiful global home. These tiny green spiral coils harvest the energy of the sun, growing a treasure of bio-available nutrients. It contains everything life needed to evolve, up to 70% protein and in total over 100 nutritional elements. Apart from its nutritional value, Spirulina is going to play an important role in the fight against hunger in our planet. Already relatives of the United States President Barack Obama are involved in spirulina cultivation projects in Kenya. Also, in the documentary scientists report that Spirulina will help decisively against the greenhouse effect since it consumes carbon dioxide and releases oxygen. In addition it is used for the production of bio-fuel. From its birth until now, the camera closely follows the evolution of spirulina, as well as all production stages up to its consumption by analyzing one-by-one all its beneficiary components with their properties. University professors and dieticians explain every detail of this amazing algae with its multiple and complex properties which resulted in a unanimous support from all of the following organizations. •It is been proposed by both NASA and the European Space Agency as one of the primary foods to be cultivated during long-term space missions. •In 1974, at the United Nations World Food Conference, it was announced that spirulina is “The most ideal food for mankind.” •The World Health Organization has declared that spirulina is "mankind's best health product in the 21st century." •UNESCO has concluded that Spirulina is "the most ideal and perfect food of tomorrow." •The US Department of Agriculture has published “Spirulina: Food For the Future.” •In 2005, an open letter was published to all governments from the United Nations urging the development of the technology needed to produce this unique water algae. Spirulina contains billion of years of successful evolutionary wisdom coded in its DNA. This documentary tries to decode this wisdom