DeleteUser Screen :

Are you sure You want to delete User Account . Press Y to proceed and N to cancel.


Home Screen :

Type List to view List Of Products along with Prices
Type Buy to Go to Buy Screen

Type Welcome to go To Welcome Screen
Type Exit to quit program


List Of Products

S. NO Productid Productname Screen Size Price
1 X12345 iPhone 6s 4.7 749
2 Abcd1234 iPhone 6s Plus 5.5 849
3 M12345 Macbook Air 13.3 999

Type Home to go To Home Screen
Type Welcome to go to Welcome Screen
Type Exit to quit program
Buy Screen

Please type the producid :
Please enter method of payment :

Installment Screen :

For 6 months plan amount per month is
For 12 months plan amount is
Type Plan type (M for 6 months and Y for 12 months )

Type Home to go to Home Screen
Type Welcome to go to Welcome Screen
Type Exit to quit program


Rules :
1) Your First Name and last name can be anything .
2) Your Username should be automatically generated in this format Lastname_Firstname
3) Your Password can be anything but it should not be your firstname or lastname or your email id or your mobilenumber or your country or your state name
4) Confirm password should be same as entered password
5) Amount should be anything . It only states how much amount you have in hand to buy things
5) If you write N in agreement field show message ( Are you sure ? . If user writes yes then take to Welcome Screen else if user writes no keep it on same screen of user Account Screen
6) If User Writes Y redirect him to welcome screen where user can select Login screen .
7) On Welcome Screen If user choose login navigate to login screen he should be able to login using the created username and password in login screen.
8) If user type Exit stop program
9) On Welcome Screen If user select DeleteUser option navigate to delete user screen and if user enters Y Wipe the New User Account Created previously and take user to Welcome SCreen.
If user Selects N take him to Welcome Screen .
10) On Login Screen If user enters valid credentials navigate to Home Screen .
11) If user chooses List from Home Screen then the list of Products should be displayed
12) If method of Payment is cash then substract the product amount from given initial amount and show sucessfully order placed message .
If the amount you have is less than the product amount then show message that you have less balance please try buying through installment plan and navigate to installment screen.
If method of Payment is specified as installment in buy screen then take usere to to installment screen .
13) In installment screen auto calculate the amount for 6 months plan (divide proce of product by 6) and for 12 months plan (divide product price by 12) and display on screen.
If user selects M show the monthly price again along with billing address details ( all your details that you specified in creating account except username and password ) and show message you have sucessfully enrolled in monthly installment plan for the product