(Note: This year we will be through the microblogging let everyone participate in activities, will be fully informed of the specific manner in subsequent link.) These boxes filled with interactive sessions prizes stage, OK, we admit: 'This picture is no PS marks! '3 Stars exhibition of electronic games has been one of the themes of Blizzard products,' StarCraft II 'is the theme of sublimation to a new height. ChinaJoy, we will invite South Korea star players competing against the players presented the most intense game of suffocation. http://www.2rsgp.com In addition, a certain gold medal presenters will explain this whole tournament, who actually got his 'blessing', we'll see. Of course, even if never experienced before Starcraft players do not worry, we can still give you the opportunity to enjoy the taste of victory in the most pleasant way to win huge prizes. Finally, referring to South Korea players, there will be an old friend of everyone came to the scene, you guess who?