Hello guys. I'm Shradha... I'm stuck with a program related to C++, not knowing how to start.Can someone help me crack it, if i post the question out here??

Here is the problem ::
You have a nxn World (Basically a Grid)
There are 3 types of objects that can occupy a grid
1. A Flower
2. A Bug
3. A Chameleon

There are 8 Compass directions
North, South, East, West. NE, NW, SE, SW

Here are the Movement properties of each of the above objects
1. A Flower is fixed
2. A Bug can move Up/Down/Left/Right - 1 step
3. A Chamelon can move in all 8 compass directions - 1 step

Here are the diet properties of each of the object
1. Flower - none
2. A Bug eats a flower by stepping on it
3. A Chamelon eats a bug but does not step on a flower

Here is the life scenario of each of the objects
1. If the bug does not eat for 3 days, it dies
2. If the chameleon does not eat a bug for 3 days, it dies

Here is the inputs to the program that you will write
1. value of n - size of the world
2. Number of flowers in the world
3. Number of Bugs
4. Number of Chameleons
5. No of days in the world

Given these, you will need to iterate and ask the user of the program
where each of the flower, bug, chameleons are located to start with.

The aim of this program is :
each of the above objects can move as
shown above. Each day, they make one move as shown above. Print
the situation in your world at the end of the day.

For printing - Use thf symbol F for a Flower, B for a Bug, C for a Chameleon
Your days are iterations