I'm currently doing my Bachelors in Computer Science (First year). I learn Java programming through your tutorials and I've been turning good and good day by day. Your tutorials are awesome, comprises of amazing methods to display the best knowledge of related stuff. I love your work for my whole life.
You have many programming languages and other stuffs related to Computer Science and I'll really appreciate that you've introduced a wide range of variety to learning at under single roof. I would just like you to add tutorials related to Cyber Security, i.e Cisco systems, Ethical Hacking, backtrack/and or Linux. Add tutorials to stuff related to the above mentioned things as I really wish to learn security.
I'l appreciate if you kindly follow up on my request. I request you to look forward on my though, as there are any computer buddies interested in such study.
Looking forward for a Sincere kind response from you soon!