Hi there experts and 1337s I'm Ted I'm 17 yr old and I'm desperately trying to make this code work properly
This is a interesting program It's a tic tac toe game without MINIMAX algorithm
Actually, when I was a newbie and when I completed courses from Codecademy I thought to make something awesome such as this game
without getting anybody's help
I've coded it half you can say becuase if you play some crazy moves it couldn't combat those and doen't play its turn
Please do some modifications so that code will work properly and will tackle moves
You've to work on .js file only It's VERY WELL COMMENTED you'll understand my code

I've posted it on pastebin.com
[CSS] http://pastebin.com/1rp4tZmt
[JS] http://pastebin.com/xPWw8YyR
[HTML] http://pastebin.com/wPPwUM2L

Game on a file hoisting site sometimes site is inaccessible

Pic of how buttons are agganged also in HTML file but here in png