hey guys i just finished my beginner's c+ tutorials and divided to write this program but i have some problems i need your help be low are the codes i used. the problem i have is that when i start running the program its runs will without any fault from the compiler but when i start using the program it shows me this GPA.exe has stopped working
main class
#include "secondclass.h"
int main()
int i, a, numofcourses;
float totalgp;
float weightedp;
float creditv;
float GPA;

struct cool semesterone;
struct cool semestertwo;
struct cool semesterthree;
struct cool semesterfour;
struct cool semesterfive;
struct cool semestersix;

printf("what level are you? \n");

printf("how many courses did you take this semester? \n");
scanf("%d" , numofcourses);

semesterone.course = (char*) malloc(numofcourses* sizeof(char));

printf("enter the courses \n");
for(i=0; i