Hi Bucky! my name is Kingsley Chigozie! i am one of your biggest fan in my country Nigeria! i am a graduate of computer science and statistics in the University of Nigeria Nsukka, and am also inspired by your self determination and ability to educate the world! i like learning and teaching new things, i have watch and learned from your Xhtml and css, javascript, beginners java, and android development video tutorials. I am so grateful to you for impacting so much knowledge on me and on my generation!!! Right now am faced with a very big challenge which is eating up the knowledge am earning from your wonderful forum, i am seeking for a person or a company i can work for or work with so that i can learn more with practical experience as this will be my biggest dream come true!!!! practice they say makes perfect!!! Thanks for making education free to the world!! wonderful knowledge, a kind heart and awesome gift you created for this generation and generations yet unborn!! Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks in anticipation!