haven't been on here in awhile, whats good people, school has got me doing alot, hey i have a quick question, lets say i have a struct array that stores a structures of persons, how would i sequentially find a record by id number and update that record. heres some of the code i have:
int changerecord(struct person Patient[], int ttl)
int i = 0;
char choice[3] = "1";
int choiceInt = 0;
int id = 0;

FILE *fPtr = NULL;
FILE *temp = NULL;

printf("\n Please enter the ID# of the Patient: ");
scanf_s("%d", &id);

printf("\n Please enter the Patients First Name: ");
gets_s("%s", &fname);

printf("\n Please enter the Patients Last Name: ");
gets_s("%s", &lname);

for (i = 0; i