I have a question about the beer making process you just showed how to make it and bottle it but after you bottled it you said you like to pour it into a glass because of settlement I'm sure from the fermentation jug or carboy I think you said it was called sorry to get to the point have you figured out if you can put something over one end or the other of the siphon thing and if so what do you use our what do you think would work well maybe a coffee filter or something or like a small holed screen because the screen would probably be a lot easier to sanitize but that way you don't get that settlement in the bottom of the bottles if you or anyone can help thank you and my email is twray92282@gmail.com" target="_blank">twray92282@gmail.com again thank you because I would really like to start making my own beer and then I would also be able to experiment and try different flavors thank you Timothy