Hi Bucky!

I have been watching your videos in youtube, mainly, since 2012 (or 2011, I really dont remember, ahaha) and I have to thank you for teaching me how to program in C!!

So, up to businees...

I am one of the few owners of a Windows Phone (a Nokia 720) and I would like to see a tutorial about the apps creator for the windows phone!

I have the silverlight and XNA installed and I would appreciate if you talk about them and show how to properly use them, primarily the XNA that develop 3D aspects and images (I guess, please help me!! :D ).

I am trying to develop a project as an app and it have a 3D representation of a rubik's cube in it... thats why I need your help. The cube it self its only need to turn around up-down left-right because the app is a "scrambler" with a timer... just that.

If you like it, I can indicate to you great softwares that have that 3D gimmick, ehehehe!

Cheers mate, and already a fan,