Hi there ,
I need some help in calculations and codes, let me share my problem with you: it is by visual studio
Ask the user to enter the number of rods, diameter and length of the steel rods, and use that input to solve the same problem. Your typical out put will look like, as shown below:

Enter number of rods:
Enter diameter(inch) and length(inch) separated by a blank:
1.5 70

Number of rods= 50
Diamter of rods=1.50, Length of rod=70.00
6185.01 cubic inch of steel used in cage weighs 1580.18 lb.
Press any key to continue . . .

Please notice that:
1. User is asked to enter number of rods for one inut to be scaned.
2. However user is then asked to enter two inputs (length and diameter) for two variables to be scanned.
3. Similarly the output prints one variable, number of rods, in one line.
4. But then prints two variables (volume and weight) in the next line.