Hi Bucky I have question for you.
Let me put in this way, I am very new to web-development. I have learnt Xhtml, html5, css, css3, basic of javascript. I learned all this from Udemy, infinite skills, learnable etc. Basically every time I see any course under five dollars, I buy it and finish it. But most tutorial does not teach how they initiate the design, where they are going to get the contents, there are very less exercise project to even practice before get into the field. I mean i know all the html tags css css3 little bit of javascript, so now what go and tell people that I can build you a web site, of course not, also there are not much tutorial about what is after javascript basic, oh yeah do the advance tutorial but no tutorial on putting every thing like html css js all together making a full website, I mean even I have sit for constant 3 to 4 day to finish the tutorial I will do it but there are none. Can you please help me out, cause I need get better at this and start working as freelancer but right now I am confuse what to do? where to go? what next to learn? please help! I would be grateful to you.