Bucky someone posted a free webbosting site called www.hostinger.in and I checked it out and the company does not verify if a domain is already in use and will allow anyone to use any domain they want and make them think it is theirs. Then they start sending emails and notifications to upgrade or buy services to a domain you will never own or be able to use. Since it was posted in your forum by one of your users I thought you should know. I supposedly was able to register www.thetroubleshooter.com andiit's been about two weeks and they haven't yet told me it's already in use. They keep suggesting Howells and today said it will be delete if I don't upload files. Well why would I since the domain is in use and my content will never be able to use the domain I registered through them. Please check it out and warn your forum before they get scammed for money or other problems.