Hello everyone, I am software developer, from Tennessee. This is actually meant for Bucky or the day to day directors of the site but anyone who is interested (serious inquiries only) can contact me. Over the last year or so I have coded several polished apps in c++ (Qt), all hard coded, these are original. I have checked both NetBeans and Trolltechs example showcases and neither have anything close to what I have written. The apps range from a HTML5/JS/PHP ide/texteditor to 40+ operation scientific calculator. I personally only use Unix/Linux operating systems but, I have compiled them on a 64 bit Windows 7 that my brother has and that all work smoothly.

All the apps are professionally written, copious attention was paid at all times during the application
design process to expense per line of code as well expense on the system itself.
If anyone is interested in procuring the rights to the applications please feel free to contact me.
Geoffrey Wade