Hello guys, How are you all? I have completed my graduation in B.tech I.T.I have been thinking since my childhood that I want to be a scientist or own related to science and technology business.Now finally I am free from education.I don't want to do master.now this time to do something different such as i ever thought.My style for live in life is different i think that if we come in life then we have to do every time for using logically thinking whether social work or as a researcher.we don't have to spend life linearly.Life comes one time so we don't waste time. Do every time something new so our new generation always remember you. whether you not in life but generation will be always remember you such as Albert einstein,Mother teresa,Chanakya and etc. that why I climb one step stair of my goal to design my company logo i have great faith that one time I would be establish a successful Mnc that name would be AK enterprise. I have designed a logo of our company that is shown.