So this is how i successfully able to retrieve the details about the winning bids in an auction system. With the details of that particular auction, particular item on which auction was started, particular auctioneer who started that auction, and a bidder who was awarded that bid.

So this is how,
"select * from APP.\"Product\" join APP.\"Auction\" on APP.\"Product\".\"productID\"=APP.\"Auction\".\"productID\" "
+ "join APP.\"Bid\" on APP.\"Auction\".\"auctionID\"= APP.\"Bid\".\"auctionID\" join "
+ "APP.\"AuctionBidderStatus\" on APP.\"Bid\".\"bidderID\" = APP.\"AuctionBidderStatus\".\"bidderID\" where APP.\"AuctionBidderStatus\".\"status\"='awarded' and APP.\"Bid\".\"bidderID\"="+userid