I've been learning programming languages since I was 11-12 years old, (17 now) and once I found out about Bucky, I don't think I'll ever learn any other way again.

I've read books, documentation, been to CodeCademy, school courses, etc.
All of them suck as forms of learning compared to Bucky's tutorials.
He makes it entertaining, easy, and just overall pretty great. He explains in great detail, and still has a comedic side to it.

Not to mention, this site as a whole is pretty amazing.
A social network (that's actually pretty well laid out), set up for programmers, computer lovers, etc. alike.

And, the fact of knowing it's made by someone like Bucky, and not some corporation that monitors your every move, and is biased, doesn't care about the users, etc. makes me happy as well.