Anyone have advice on a couple different things:
1) I'm trying to get donations for a non-profit that I have been supporting for many years, called JRuth, Inc. on the web at . The owner has been successfully helping others in the community for 10 years now. Unfortunately, funding from various grants has dried up. I need to get them a new computer (desktop or laptop), some funds for Internet Access and that's just for starters. I have been donating my services, including hosting, so I wouldn't mind getting some donations to go toward my hosting fee to cover what I have been offering for free to this non-profit.

2) I also have a "Community Resources" website at:
It started as a "community resource directory" to help the needy and those who serve such people. I am inspired by some other sites that go further and bring in much more data that measures community web being and presents data related to such topics. For this, for starters, I have a hard time getting all the information into the system to make it useful. So, I could use volunteers. I'll have to say more about how this can be a cool website... More later.