What do you guys do to avoid burnout? I feel like a lot of new programmers are overwhelmed when they first start learning about programming / web development. I don’t really blame them, it seems just to get an entry level (let’s say web design) job now a days you need to know AT LEAST:

- Git / GitHub
- CSS / SCSS / Less
- JavaScript
- jQuery
- Bootstrap / Foundation
- Angular / React
- Grunt / Gulp / npm
- etc....

And that is just the minimum (don’t even get me started on backend development). I think that this is the reason a lot of beginners are discouraged and get burnt out early on. For me, learning about all of the new technologies has never really been that stressful or overwhelming and I think that this is why (for me at least)...

Whenever I’m learning about some new software, language, framework, etc… I don’t really concentrate on the learning aspect of it. Reading about syntax is boring. Trust me, no one in the world actually enjoys reading through pages and pages of documentation. But what I realized is that whenever I am reading through these all books and docs, instead of thinking about how boring it is I am always just thinking about what cool things I am going to build with it instead.

I think it’s easy to stay motivated once you focus on where you are going rather than the work it takes to get there. When you do that, all of the things that you once viewed as obstacles are now stepping stones, and each one gets you closer to where you are trying to go.

Anyways, I guess that has always been my mindset and why I still enjoy learning new things after all these years. What about you guys?