Hey Bucky! I just wanna say you are completely awesome! You turned my life upside down completely. I was going through depression and I was sucking at college for many reasons. Then I dropped out of college for a year and I came back home and started looking up tutorials on youtube to help me with my miserable life somehow. Then I found your channel "The New Boston". After that what happened might become one of the biggest turning points of the history of mankind. One year is almost over now and I have finished each and every video of the channel "The New Boston". I am doing so many things. I am into graphic designing, web designing, app development, photography (photoshop videos helped me a lot). Girls in college are being all curious about me after they saw my photography and all. (Check out my instagram @indrajeetdatta ) But, they have no idea about the other stuff that I am getting pro at too. Anyway, I am probably boring you. I just wanted to say "Thank you, dude. You changed my life." I wouldn't even mind getting a tattoo of your name haha. I love you dude! No homo.