Hi all !!!

Happy New year to you !

Hope you had a great time.

I have a question (probably easily answered) .

So I'm trying to read a txt file that contains

System_Fitted 0
System_Operational 1
System_Damged 2
System_Under_Repair 3

my problem is not in reading the file into my program, the problem is extracting the 'int' values.
if I ifstream the file into a string, that's just displayed as a strong (cause that's what it is !)

How do i then :
1. extract the values.
2. assign them to my 'internal' variables ?


This is going to be a game save / load player info section.

Anybody suggest a way, please !!
I've tried 'pusback' but don't fully understand what's going on (I don't want to use code I don't understand, I, can't seem to find any helpful info on this command either, or for that matter anything on parse ( Which I believe will be very helpful here !))

Thank's in advance

John S.