Lua Game Programming


This is a page made to give you tips and advice on how to program games in Lua. I will also throw in a joke or 2. There will also be some links to awesome games made in Lua


Lua Game Programming
March 28, 2015 · Public

The Love2d Forums seems to be dead. There are some people there but it looks like most of the users are never online. :(

Lua Game Programming
January 24, 2015 · Public

I've been gone for a long time but I'm back with more posts

Lua Game Programming
September 22, 2014 · Public

There is an awesome game made with Love2d. It's called Mari0. It's basically just the old mario bros games but it has an awesome new mechanic. Mario shoots portals onto any platform within reach.


Lua Game Programming
July 11, 2014 · Public

For me, the hardest part in game development is the Physics which is weird because I got an A in Physics in school

Lua Game Programming
June 5, 2014 · Public

I've just started developing a new game using Love2d. It shall be Awesome