Indie Game Development


This page will be the source off all indie game projects on buck's room. As of now you cannot post on the page without owning it so if you want something posted please message me.


Indie Game Development
September 27, 2014 · Public

Indie Game Development
September 15, 2014 · Public

what awesome video is this ?!?!?: game dev vlog

This is game development series that has been going for a long time, they are making a game called Elysian Shadows which is a "next gen RPG". If you are interested in game development watch the series as you learn a lot about the game creation process. The team are creating their own game engine and tool kit, the engine runs on pretty much every platform which is amazing to retrospect, that's even more that unity!. they gave it away if you backed their kickstarter campaign. check them out.

Indie Game Development
September 13, 2014 · Public

FrameWork: libgdx
Language: java
Type: graphics API
Example: watch the video

You can create games with libgdx and also graphics simulations using very simple code or advanced if you want to by using glsl shaders, here is an example of libgdx working with Box2d lights, I made this some time ago.

Indie Game Development
June 27, 2014 · Public

what graphics library do you people use

Indie Game Development
June 11, 2014 · Public

So what games from E3 is everyone excited for ?