I think Bucky's hiding something to us guys.

I mean he hasn't mentioned anything regarding the "panel body content" thing. Let's see what it happens with that.

One thing is clear though, and it's the thing on the forum called "right". Since Bucky's so nice, he just created that panel for us to know what side of the page has to be on the right side, just in case someone has his screen upside down or something, so Bucky helps us orientate the screen correctly.

But the "panel body content" is something different. What do you think Bucky's trying to hide us? Is "panel body content" something to do with illumilati? (Since it was already proven Bucky had something to do with Illuminati).

And then there is this paragraph which says nothing but you're gonna read until the end just to see if it says something interesting and stuff, but nah, this is not the case, I mean it could be, but it's not. Sorry. Not sorry. Whatever.