The internet of things is in the grand scheme of things a very small event but it none the less exploded over the past hundred years. Even as a child I remember making my first email address, and then the net went from texts and pictures to an evolving world I played internet games, got cloud storage and use my tablet in ways I never imagined possible compared to my lowly not creative email address. In the future I wish to personally put my own hands into it's evolution, I want to see a global connection of information where education is available to everyone from the destitute to the rich. Think of all the lost geniuses and visionaries lost to circumstances beyond their control? This website ( I'm posting on is my favorite example of a step toward a global education system posting videos and tutorials on everything you could ever want to do and providing a system for them to communicate for free! I want to further this and connect not just devices to the internet but people for a global learning system so no one is left out. If we could access the internet using our own body or just every part of the world around us. My favorite example of this is Google glass (, which allows you to access the net, navigate the world, communicate through email and so much more!(unfortunately it is very expensive and not at 100% development) This could eventually in the future evolve from glasses to your very eyes and ears replaced by computers to access the same things and further connect the world when everyone has the computer in them breaking the visual and audio barriers of the blind deaf and foreign to an open communication and a chance for those who might of other wise had none or just an easier and amazing way to learn. This might sound crazy to some but I bet touch screens, 3D rendering close to being lifelike and 2 inch thick computers was crazy sounding in the 80's too but look at us now. Most the worlds problems could be solved by education and furthering the Internets global information network is the best way. Imagine if everyone in the world had a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, could read any language, and not be held back by the reality they were given in life. How much more the world could create,the problems that would be solved and understandings met.
I'd also like to see a global health system like microcomputers in your body that monitor, track and report everything so no one goes with out basic health care and maybe even cure diseases and save lives through 24/7 data reports from millions of people with different life styles and conditions. The internet connected to these microcomputers in people could do what thousands of scientists even couldn't while still allowing the subjects to live normal lives. Already nanobots are being researched ( for purposes like this and more. Such as cleaning the environment and building other wonders of technology in the industrial field. These little robots could even monitor plant health and pollution disassembling and reassembling things atomically into what ever we want them to be the possibilities are endless and far reaching although the science is very new. I think the future of connectivity and technology will be vast but a bright future I hope to be apart of.