Team Firefly - Cyber Threat Intelligence & Security Incident Response Team


We are doing our constant Research behind Security Threats, since last 3 years and our best Security Practices for keeping Workstations & Servers, safe from Security Threats by Deploying Possible Countermeasures on different Platform of Operating Systems like Windows, Linux & Unix. We prefer to be Pro-Active instead of being Reactive, while dealing with Systems Security. We can realize any Security Threats or Security Issues, at a very early stage and takes an appropriate actions before they cause any damage to the IT Infrastructure. We always do our best Security Practices to Mitigate Three types of IT loss associated with Information Systems, such as "Loss of Confidentiality", "Loss of Integrity" and "Loss of Availability". We recommends that "To Have Better Security Posture in your Organization, you need to address Plethora of Security Threats & you need to classify each of those Security Threats based on their functionality. As Security Landscape always keeps on changing every 6 months, So, better find good Security Solutions out there" We can ensure 'System Security', 'Malicious Attacks', 'Data Breach', 'Vulnerabilities Exploitation' and 'System Integrity'. We always stays updated with current Trends of Cyber Security, Recent Security Incidents, and New Tactics & Techniques that Cyber Criminals may utilize to target their Victims over Internet. We use to provide our initiative to "ICTTF - International Cyber Threat Task Force" & "Information Security Research Association", since last 3 years. We often help End-Users to Safe Guard their End-Point Devices from Security Threats, not just by helping them but also by teaching them "Best Security Practices to fight back". We believes that "To Fight Cyber Crime Every Security Intelligence Must Get Organized and Work Together, To Mitigate Skills Gaps That We Have In Cyber Security Workspace".