New contest! The contest I announced years ago is here! Brendon McBain aka The Duck finally did his job. The questions are pretty hard, but you don't need to answer them all.

The contest is gonna end on 7 th June. Until then you can send the answers to me or to Brendon:

Me =
Brendon =

The winner will be the person who answers more questions correctly. Every once in a while, we will drop a hint for some questions. If you have any complaint about this, tell The Duck. He's the one that made de questions.

Here are the questions:

1. What brand of dirt bike did Bucky have recently?

2. Which of these bands does Bucky not have a poster of in his videos: RHCP, Foo Fighters, Beatles.

3. What is the authors name for a book that is titled with one of Bucky’s favourite foods?

4. What does it say on the lanyard Bucky wears?

5. Which vlog has an NYPD police car in it?

6. What are Bucky’s two “trick”s for picking up girls?

7. What is Bucky’s birth date?

8. Who did Bucky used to vlog with in front of a poster that said “3 days of peace”?

9. Challenge Question: Which vlog has a sign saying “Now get out”?

The prize for the winner is not decided yet LOL. If you want to participate you have to follow the page