Hey guys ! So I'm going to post a program(with running script) and all of which work the way there supposed to but I feel like I'm using more code than I have to. The first is using Call by value and the second is using call by reference(next post). At the end of the program ill put things i notice and just want to know if there even possible to do and how. 

Script started on Fri Oct 23 01:52:54 2015

Enter Three Fahrenheit temps to convert to Celcious
Enter Three Celcious temps to Fahrenheit
20  1 30
The Temperture Conversions from Fahrenheit to Celcious are 
 Fahrenheit | Celsious
68.00 | 20.00 
-40.00 | -40.00 
100.00 | 37.78 
The Temperture Conversions from Celsious to Fahrenheit are 
 Celsious | Fahrenheit
20.00 | 68.00 
-40.00 | -40.00 
30.00 | 86.00 

Script done on Fri Oct 23 01:53:56 2015

#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <math.h>

// Function prototypes 
float convertToCelcious(float temp);
float convertToFahr(float temp); 
void printAll(float temp, float funk); 

int main()
// Variable declarations for temp placeholders     
float temp1,temp2,temp3;
float temp4,temp5,temp6; 

printf("Enter Three Fahrenheit temps to convert to Celcious\n");
scanf("%f %f %f",&temp1,&temp2,&temp3); 

printf("Enter Three Celcious temps to Fahrenheit\n"); 
scanf("%f %f %f",&temp4,&temp5,&temp6); 

// Beggining of table of print outs 
printf("The Temperture Conversions from Fahrenheit to Celcious are \n "); 
printf("Fahrenheit \t | Celsious\n"); 
// Call to printAll using temp and value of convertToCelcious with temp as argument 
printf("The Temperture Conversions from Celsious to Fahrenheit are \n "); 
printf("Celsious \t | Fahrenheit\n"); 
// Call to printall using temp and value of convertToFahr with temp as argument 

 return 0; 
// Function deffinitions 
// Function deffiniton for convertToCelcious
float convertToCelcious(float temp) {
    float cel = (temp - 32) / 1.8000;  

// function deffiniton for convertToFahr
float convertToFahr(float temp) {
    float fahr = temp * 9 / 5 + 32;

// Function deffiniton for printAll 
void printAll(float temp, float funk){
    printf("%.2f \t \t | %.2f \n", temp, funk); 

How can i make it so i just print it all out with one call to printall function instead of a bunch. or is that not possible?