How to go about writing a sorting program

0 gage haas · October 22, 2015
I am new to programming and do not know how to go about starting to write this program. 

Write a program that will sort values – both integer and double
• Ask user to input how many elements need to be sorted (this number will
work as the array size)
• Ask user to input what datatype to sort – either integer or double
o If the user puts anything other than integer or double, show message
– “invalid datatype. Please choose between integer and double”. Then
keep running the prompt until an appropriate input is given
o Based on the size given, ask user to give that many numbers and store
it in an array (unsortedNumbers[]).
• Use function overloading while defining your sort function. The array
(unsortedNumbers[]) should be passed as the argument of both of your

Any help would be appreciated

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0 Adam Tindall · October 22, 2015
Give it a shot and I can help ya through I need some code to help you just paste what ya got and ill guide you.  These are just open questions.
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