"Localuser" won't load

0 Ryan Blais · October 21, 2015
I managed to get download xampp and get Apache running by disabling the extra ports in Skype and then changing the ports used by Apache following some instructions I found online. However, when I tried to open up "localhost" using both that name and the address in Chrome, Explorer, and Microsoft Edge, nothing came up. Chrome just spun around and around while the other two browsers did nothing. I'm looked all over the web trying to find a solution and found nothing that works. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so, what is the solution?

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0 Casper Hollemans · October 22, 2015
Well the fist thing I find weird is why you change the port of xampp and skype, if you don't know much about a apache server I'd recommend not to do that.
And coming back on the thing I find weird, you only need to change the port of xampp if you really ant to change them.
But you can also close skype and then run the apache server then start up skyp again and everthing wil work perfect.

And to give a possible answer to your question:

if you change the port of xampp you need to type that after local host or the ip.
If you don't change the port it'd work without it normally.

But for example, the url has to be:

http://localhost:8080  // if it's the default port
http://localhost:  //add here the port number you gave to xampp

hope it helps you

0 Ryan Blais · October 22, 2015
Wow, thanks, that solved the problem.
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