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0 Pragati Sachdeva · October 21, 2015
/images/forum/upload/2015-10-21/422f465c32a3c60486f0113d0b6eb303.pngHave a look at my emulator.How can i solve this problem? Please help.

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0 Gary Whitney · October 22, 2015
Looks like a scaling problem. Like when you set your screen resolution to low on your computer.

I see you have values folders for v-11 and v-14
If you are a novice then  maybe you are making choices that are causing the problem.

1. Maybe your min API is to low. Keep  it above 15 for the tutorials.

2. Open AVD Manager and click the pencil icon, for the device you are using.
What do you have selected for scaling?

Or maybe you you have your pixel density to low.

3. Try just cloning one of the defaults and using it the way it comes. Do  you still get a problem?
0 Gary Whitney · October 22, 2015
My Bad
I didn't notice you were using Eclipse.
I use Android Studio and wouldn't have replied if I had noticed.
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