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0 graham burgess · October 21, 2015
Help.  I am confused by the number of different ways to read and write to a CSV file most of which seem to want to feed the info into a listbox
I want to write a simple, easy to use  code to write then read the info line by line, each line representing all the info for one record which  and  then read the individual parts into an array.
most grateful for any help you can give a NOOBY

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0 Elham N · October 30, 2015
I believe this can help:

0 Elham N · October 30, 2015
Check this:
0 graham burgess · October 30, 2015
Hi Elham,
I have used Python in the past, and it is very easy to do this with python, but I didn't know that you could incorporate python code into Visual basic
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