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0 Austin Oblenis · July 26, 2014
Lua is a language I have been trying to learn but there are no goo tutorials. So I am asking if you could do some Lua Tutorials because your Tutorials rock. :)

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0 Austin Oblenis · July 27, 2014
Well, I have seen a couple Youtube videos but they never get through to me. I have a whole book called Programming in Lua, Second Edition but that was a bit to complex, it jumped from where Lua started to some paragraph of code in about 5 pages. Problem is it didn't really explain much of what was going on in the paragraph it just expected me to know what it all men't I guess. I do play Roblox and I build. I have tried learning that Lua but their Wiki is not really a tutorial it is more of a resource if you are stuck with your code. I tried Lua Learners and it was great. I actually had found something that worked! Then it got shut down. I just can't find anything.
0 Austin Oblenis · July 27, 2014
Please excuse my grammar there. It is 4:03 AM and I am very tired right now. So sorry I forgot to add paragraphs.
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