Cannot launch AVD in emulator, please help.

0 John Carroll · October 20, 2015
Whenever I try to launch the AVD it just gives me an error stating that i need the hardware accelerator, although I have already uninstalled and reinstalled./images/forum/upload/2015-10-20/75e06f8040bcb5e98540765171d9c962.PNG

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0 ain akhlaq · October 21, 2015
Sorry to post under yr post, i dont have enough points so cant make new post :P

but i have similar prob, when I start a new project, blank white screen appears and nothing happens, what gives?

btw, hope this helps ;)
0 p s · October 21, 2015
To avoid HAXM error at Android Studio start up:
(1) turn on virtualization in BIOS
  -early versions of windows it is a f2 or f12 f_ something key when computer is starting up before Windows loads.
    So rest computer hit f_ to get BIOS
  --New Windows (windows )
   Click bottom left corner window icon (start menu)->
   (follow these clicks)
   Start Menu -> Settings -> Update and Security
    -> Recovery -> Advance Startup ->Restart Now
   --When it restarts in recovery mode it will give the f2
   or other optons for f_ BIOS pick the BIOS option
   Go to the tab System Configuration
 --In BIOS System Configuration
  Turn on or enable virtualization
  --SAVE and EXIT
(2) Go back to Android Studio
(3) SDK manager
(4) Launch manager
(5) Install Package for HAXM installer
   --You are installing an installer so remember this
 **Notice where installer package is installing such as recent downloads or a WinZip folder
(6) Unzip Contents
(7) Restart Everything  (If you had problems in steps 5 to 7) Uninstall the package for HAXM at SDK manager and try again
(8) Go To AVD Manager and start the emulator
 (9) Build or Rebuild Project
 (10) Run Project and Wait it takes a min if it is working.

These are the steps to best of my knowledge (order of steps matters too).  I worked through problem yesterday all steps were here in different place so here is a neat file. 
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