question about service reading from database every 10 seconds

0 sia j · October 19, 2015
I tried the exact same example , it worked fine but  im trying to read data from database every 10 seconds and put iy in ArrayList so i used Async class and the php script already done and it is returning a json just fine but i dont know how to access these data from other classes and there is no compilation errors but i didnt know where the problem is
can u please help me or give an example about that
thanks in advance

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0 Gary Whitney · October 20, 2015
I would say you need an ArrayAdapter interface, but if you have used AsyncTask and integrated php you have probably already tried that.

I am very curious about how you set up your content provider, If you wouldn't mind sharing your code.

I was concerned about using SQLite if there is a lot of data, so I was thinking of using a web server and php with MySQL. Sounds like you already figure that out.
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