Sdk path not specified

0 Vivek Koul · October 19, 2015
"Android sdk path not specified"
And asks to download sdk after i run 
Android studio as administrator
What should i di????

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0 Gary Whitney · October 20, 2015
This is the second time I have seen a post like this.
I assume one of the tutorials states "run as administrator" and you downloaded Android Studio.

What I thinking is if you run Android Studio logged in under the Administrator profile you will not be using the User profile you used to download Android Studio.
Try  running Android Studio not logged in as Administrator.

It is common to have an administrator profile and user profile with administrator privileges.
So it is possible to download and install Android Studio logged in as your user profile which would put all your installation specifics under C:\Users\ProfileName (here  ProfileName is just a placeholder for your profile).

Please let me know if this is the solution.
I wouldn't want to repeat this advise if I don't understand the problem.
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