C# in UDK

0 Shovik Chowdhury · October 19, 2015
is there any way to use "C#" instead of "C++" in UDK?

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0 Kuroodo Ditory · October 28, 2015
I do not think there is a way.

In Unreal Engine 4 though, someone was working on a plugin/API for C#. It was getting somewhere until the developer decided to charge for it, which is against the rules. So the project died.

Anyway, you should stop using UDK and start using UE4. You can use Blueprint if you are uncomfortable with C++.

To inspire you: I'm almost done making a Call Of Duty Zombies game using only Blueprints (in less than a month!).
0 M Jayanam · October 4, 2016
No it isn't, C++ is the programming language for UE4. But you can use blueprints in UE4 which are a kind of visual programming language which is really nice as soon as you got used to it. I have many tutorials for it on my channel.
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