Can I use VS to make apps/games?

0 Ahmad Abu-Gdairi · October 19, 2015
To introduce myself, my name is Ahmad. I have, like many before me, come up with a great game idea. I sat on it for years and always wanted to learn to program, but believed it to be too difficult a skill to learn not to mention too boring.
I am very happy I looked into it, because since a week ago, I have found a new love and hobby. I'm pestering my Family and friends with my constant talking about the new tricks I learn to do. There isn't a moment that goes by, it seems, that I'm not thinking of new things to program.
Needless to say that this site has been a great help, I started by using Khan Academy to learn JavaScript. I went in about 30 videos in that, then somehow ended up here.
I have been learning VBasic from the tutorials and I have one thing that keeps coming back to me. Will this help me in a real way with my goal? To build apps and games for the web as well as  for  the mobile platform?
Learning new languages helps with learning other ones, but can I use VBasic to program games, write new programs for phones and such?
Using this site I just started using the "If/End If" function, so I could start learning a new one without feeling like I wasted time.
Like I said, I have been doing this for a week, and I am loving it, but I do want to push out apps as fast as I can, I'm just that eager.
Any Help would be amazing! Thank you.

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0 arvind Venkatesh · October 31, 2015
please do not write long stories about yourself in any forums. its an untold rule of any forum. just stick with point..... otherwise you will not get enough replies..,.

you have to use OpenGl or SDL library (and many more) for doing game programming..
Easy way is to use software called unity Or you can also use UDK(unreal development Kit) to develop games...
Using Unity you can create and launch game not only for pc but for also android,ios,pc,mac,tab,psp,xbox etc..

if your  a beginner to programming don,t touch opengl ,sdl or any other library...use untiy ,you have lots of support in youtube and fourms...

Hope this helps....:):angel::D
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