PHP popularity?

+3 Drazen Ivancan · October 19, 2015

I was wondering what is your opinion about PHP programming language popularity?
How much is PHP popular amongst employers?
Is that job in demand in the world?

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0 Jayge Ekenstam · October 19, 2015
PHP is extremely popular. Here in Utah around 8 in 10 jobs in programming are for PHP. Everyone wants dynamic websites. 
0 Drazen Ivancan · October 28, 2015
Thank you for your response Jayge. But is there any future for PHP in the next 10 years considering Java and Ruby?
Also I presume there are many self-taught and educated PHP programmers which lowers fees and allows only the best programmers to win jobs.
I wonder is there any point to start learning PHP and finish as an average self-taught programmer who cannot find a job or start learning Java and finish as an average self-taught programmer who still can find a a job.
0 Akkarachai Wangcharoensap · November 1, 2015
It depends on what do you want to do. Java would really be good at both. However, sometimes PHP is a better choice for web development. If you are really worry about popularity, just go with Java. But really, it depends on what your goal is. 
+2 Thomas Straub · November 1, 2015
I've been a software engineer for over 30 years, know about 12 computer languages, and I have been working on the web designing web sites since 1995. I just say this so you know a little of my historical experience. I would have to say that PHP has surpassed almost all other languages, including Perl, as the most popular programming language server-side for the web. Client-side, the hands down favorite is Javascript and jQuery. My favorite language(s) are C/C++, but like Java, Ruby, TCL, etc. a lot of these languages are not so popular anymore. A small exception to this rule is probably Python. It has it's own adherents and is extremely popular, especially for newbies, although it really isn't popular for web programming (yet).  I can't say much for Ruby, but I'm sure that Java has a future with large companies with contracts with Oracle.
+2 alex constantin · November 1, 2015
Python has a few very good web frameworks, Django and Flask (flask is slightly easier), you should check them out
0 Drazen Ivancan · November 9, 2015
Thank you guys for your advices and sorry for my late response. I think I'm gonna stick with PHP for now. Does anybody knows about some good soul who would be interested in being a mentor? Need some guidance in that sea of informations. What to learn first and what to left behind for later learning? Next year I'm going to be retired, so I need some extra income ;).
0 Abdul Fatah Soomro · November 12, 2015
hi sir good morning how are you?
sir i want learn php. Sir you can guide me please me. 
0 Drazen Ivancan · November 12, 2015
sorry my friend, I need some guidence too, so let me know if you have found someone to help you :D

I think this topic can be closed.
+1 aaron robin · November 12, 2015
check out the second answer on

also if you have any questions create a site on stack overflow you usually get an answer within a minute but you have to be specific
0 Drazen Ivancan · November 15, 2015
thanks @aaron robin,
you have been most helpful.
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Server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic Web pages.