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+3 Parul Bhagat · October 16, 2015
XHTML , CSS and Javascript are the basics of designing a website. What are other tools or languages we need to learn to be a master web developer? 

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0 Ian Arbuckle · October 17, 2015
You should have a go at AngularJS, PHP and NoSQL as suggested above.
0 Parul Bhagat · October 17, 2015
ok thanks
0 Abdullah Nauman · October 16, 2015
Designer or Developer? There are two different things.

Since you know JS, go ahead and learn jQuery and AngularJS. Build a couple simple, front-end-only required sites. Then learn NodeJS which is just a JavaScript framework that can replace PHP.       

Also learn how to use some NoSQL databases like MongoDB. 
+1 Donald Genes · October 16, 2015
I hate Nodejs with passion
+1 Parul Bhagat · October 16, 2015
Ok thanks ..and what tools and languages  should I learn if I want to be master Web Designer?
+1 Abdullah Nauman · October 16, 2015
Instead of PHP.  Since you know JavaScript go with NodeJS.
+2 Erp Eight · October 16, 2015
PHP > jquery > SQL > Ajax

hope it helps:)
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