How to load 3 html files to a single WebView?

0 John Smith · October 14, 2015
I have 3 html file one.html, two.html and three.html. The idea is that when a user hits a button one.html loads up(which I have successfully accomplished). Now, there's a hyperlink in one.html which connects it to the second but when it is tapped on(in the webview) the app redirects the user to the browser and webpage not available is displayed. How do I accomplish my objective?

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0 Gary Whitney · October 14, 2015
I can only assume that your link uses an internet URL and android sends an intent to any apps that handle web browsing.
The  page not found error usually occurs when there is a broken link. I assume you have written HTML webpages before and know about broken links.
How did you test the HTML?
Are you using a relative link or worse a link to a file on your system?
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