I am trying to create a searchable form as an application in Microsoft Access 2013 from a table of 4 colums and about 80,000 rows. I want to make the Interface to be searchable in such a way that if user type any word from column A, it should be able to give the values corresponding to the adjacent column. For example in the table below, i want user to be able to search either by Codes or by description, so if a user type migrate, or mig (from row 2 on the table) then he should get something like code= 34.9, it is MM, and kValue is 3..Likewise if the user decide to start searching by code, and decide to type 252.89 (see the last row in the table below) then he should get values from the corresponding cells as..description = garden, it is a DDD and kValue is 6.
Below is the example of the table am working with.


The Images below shows what i am looking to Achieve...Image B shows when i type in the first 3 characters or the whole word from the Description Column or the Code Column i should get a list of everything related to whatever i type then i can choose what i really want and on click it should come out as in Image C. Image A is where i am currently stuck at, i cant get past this stage i dont know how to write the SQL query to show me result as in Image B and then on click any of the result to then show me final result as in image C...
Any help or Idea is greatly Appreciated..please see the Images below for better understanding.