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0 Joe Nichols · October 14, 2015
I don't want to go off topic but at 3:50 bucky says if you have more items than fit on the screen it will just scroll.  Is this true?  In my past work I thought it just pushed the items off the page unless you put in a scroll view, or do we not need a scroll view because of 2 things: 1. it is already native to a list view, and 2. because we aren't scrolling our outer layout which happens to be a relative layout.  Any one clear this up?

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0 Gary Whitney · October 14, 2015
What tutorial are you referring to?
Please reference the number of a tutorial on this site, as providing cryptic links to a you tube video can be risky so I never follow them.
0 Joe Nichols · October 30, 2015
sorry abou that I noticed after I posted it wasn't linked to a specific video it was put in general forums.
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