What is action script?

0 Renato Lopes · October 13, 2015
just wandering and wondering

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0 Yousif Almudhaf · January 28, 2016
what's it used for today, other than .SWF files?
0 kumar gaurav · November 18, 2015
Just Like HTML is used to design UI in Front End and JavaScript is used to control Actions.

Same story goes of MXML and ActionScript.

HTML counterpart MXML.
JavaScript counterpart ActionScript.

Adobe provides the IDE for developing web/desktop/mobile applications.
the IDE is almost same as Eclipse.
0 Ged Murphy · October 22, 2015
Action Script is an OOP( object-oriented programming ) used  for the development of desktop and mobile application. 
comes in three flavours AS 1 to AS3, 
Used to control .swf files, flash player, and lots more  
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